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New York Corporate Limousines

New York Corporate Travel

  • Discounts And Specials for corporate Account
  • Billing and direct deposit available (Accounts only)
  • Full Bar, TV's, Music System, plush interiors
  • Prompt, professionally dressed, well spoken chauffeurs
  • Airports meet & greet VIP service
  • Special rates and discounts

When renting a New York Corporate Limousine Service, you want to make sure you take the right steps to ensure you find a reputable New York limousine company. We have many years in New York corporate transportation service experience and understand the high demands of our corporate clientele. Whether its only one colleague or team of workers traveling on a business trip or attending a meeting our New York Corporate Travel Service will always be able to accommodate in providing you with the right size vehicle to fit the magnitude of your group in comfort and style. Our NYC Executive limousines service that understands the importance of Time is Money, especially when you have a very important high profile meeting to attend to. Our New York Corporate Limousine chauffeurs are on time, professional, courteous yet are familiarized with the roads and traffic conditions of the area to confirm you arrive to your meeting on time.

Moreover, our chauffeurs carry cell phones to be able to reach your driver at all times. Meeting new clients, entering partnerships and making agreements are aspects of running a business that are essential for its growth. To fulfill these aspects travelling becomes inevitable and therefore every company has to plan its travel options. NY Corporate Travel service offers a wide range of travel options. NYC Corporate limousines make sure your associates get where they need to go on time and with no hassle. Can you remember the last time you had to drive in an unfamiliar city? It can be a little intimidating, especially if you get lost. The professionally trained chauffeur of your New York Corporate Travel limo has planned out all of the travel routes in advance of your trip, yet is also flexible enough to go wherever you need if your plans change at the last minute.

Group travel is also made more convenient with our
New York City Corporate limousines. You can use larger-sized vehicles to get everyone to the meeting together and on time. You can choose from town cars or SUV's, even stretch SUV's, or limousine to get your group where they need to go. You might want a big- screen television to which you attach a laptop to give presentations as you travel between destinations. You also want to make sure that the group is treated to elegant travel. NY limousine can meet this business need with style.

 Travelling on business needs planning in advance but as most of the plans keep altering, your travel options should be flexible and should provide you the room to make changes. Driving around in a cab aimlessly not knowing which road to take is something you should avoid at all costs because you cannot keep your clients waiting for you. Your punctuality will reflect on you and will impact the prospect of your business. If you choose the right executive limousine service in New York City you can avail the convenience of making last minute changes and not lose money while doing so.

Mercedes S 550
14 Passenger Van
6 Passenger Escalade SUV
Executive "L"
10 Passenger Lincoln Limousine
1 (855) GROUND-TRANSPORTATION . 855-581-0000,
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