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New York Limousine Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions
For Reservations Please Click Here or call 1 855-581-0000

Affordable Limousine Rentals in New York

What Do We Offer?

We offer outstanding and professional chauffeured service to any destination . We specialized in airports , theaters , sporting events , corporate and personal parties , proms , weddings , out of town trips and much more , We also offer an onsite dispatcher for any large event , at no extra charge .

When does my credit card get charged?

Your credit card does not get charged until the day of the service when processed by our accounting department . The card must be given to the driver at the time of service , and he will provide you with a copy of the receipt .

What type of vehicle do we use?

We are proud to announce that we feature 12 types of vehicles , designed to fit anybody's travel and budget needs . Please go to the fleet or rates sections for more information .

Are we licensed?

All of our vehicles are licensed and insured according to the New jersey motor vehicle commissions { finger print and criminal record} tests before they are licensed , and the dispatch office has a license from the commission as well .

What is the difference between outside and inside pick up from the airport?

Out side pick up : If you choose outside pick up the driver will wait for you at the airport but won't enter the terminal , so when you ready to come out after you collect your luggage or come out of  the custom area , you can give us a call you could call any of our numbers including the toll free if you don't have a cell phone , the driver will go immediately with the limo toward you to the pick up area where you standing to meet you there . it should take him few minutes from the moment you call . We will tell you exactly where you could meet him and will give you a description of the vehicle , and in top of that the driver will have a sign have our company name and may be your name underneath it . This is no extra charge for that .

Inside pick up : If you choose inside pick up , the driver will park his vehicle inside the airport parking lot in order to go inside the terminal to meet and great the passenger , the airport charge parking fee that have to be paid by the customer , the driver will be waiting by the custom door or by the baggage claim , and there is 5.00 $ extra charge for that service .

What is our privacy policy?

No information about you is collected when you visit our website. If you want to make a reservation pay with credit card set up an account or just create a profile, we will need some information ( name, address , telephone number , credit card information , etc. ) All information you provide will be held in strict confidence , and will not be available to anybody else .

What is toll and what do I have to pay it?

A toll is a fee that vehicle passing or going through a bridge or a tunnel or passing certain point on highway would pay to the government , some charges either one way and some charges are both ways , and the custmoer will be responsible for the payment of any tolls including any tolls the driver have to pay in the way back.

How can I make a reservation?

You could call any of our local numbers , or you could go online to our reservation page , your trip is not reserved till you will have a confirmation number or confirmation email.

When my reservation is confirmed?

Your reservation will not be confirmed till we have a valid method of payment on file .

How long in advance should I reserve my trip?

We could take your reservation 24 hours a day / 7 days a week , but no guarantee the availability of the vehicle , we recommended   that you do it at least 24 hours in advance

What method of payment we accept?

We accept cash and major credits card like : Visa - MasterCard - American express and discover .

What is the standard gratuity required?

Of the flate rates is the standard gratuity 20 %

What is the policy for extra stops?

(A) Hourly rates will include unlimited unplanned extra stops , within the booked period free of charge . Within the same town unless notify the office when you make the reservation .

(B) For all other trips which planned for it :The office will give you the exact price at the time of the reservation .

(C) Extra stops which you don't specifically mentioned when you make the reservation : the driver reserves the right to decline to make the stop , the driver also reserves the right to charge an extra fee for the extra stop , the fee for extra stop is due at the time is requested , the collected fee are not considered a gratuity

What is the waiting time policy?

There is 10 minutes grace period ( except airports) at no extra charge , 30 minutes grace period for airport pick up at no extra charge after the grace period waiting time calculate per minute and will be 1.00 $ per minute .

How do I cancel a trip and what is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your service time . To avoid being charged you must cancel your reservation within 24 before service time . you must provide confirmation # for each reservation .

What is the hours of the operations?

We open 24 hours a day , 7 days a week for your convenience , we open every single calendar day including all holidays . just call us any time and remember we always here for you .

What information do I need to make a reservation?

1 Home phone number
2 Cell phone number
3 Passengers Count and Luggage Count
4 Flight number ( both ways )
5 Hotel name and address ( if any )
6 Credit card information (credit card number, expiration date and billing zip code)

What is lost and found policy?

We are not responsible for any baggage , personal items , or anything else left behind by passenger in the vehicle . However please contact us if you have lost an item and we will return it to you if we have found it .

Smoking policy?

Under the state law you can't smoke in any of our vehicles , all our vehicles are smoke free vehicles .

Customer responsibility?

Unless required by law , under no circumstance shall the transportation service provider or any other parties involved in the booking be liable to compensate the passenger / customer beyond refunding the full amount originally paid to the service provider .

Is there any fee or surcharge for early or late pick up?

There is no extra charge for early or late pick up , our company charge flat rate so if you leaving early morning or coming back late night we gladly pick you up without paying any extra fee

What is the alcohol and the drug policy?

Alcohol consumption or possession is not permitted by ANYONE in the vehicle , if ANY of the passengers are under 21 years of age . Illegal drug consumption or possession by any passenger is not permitted . Braking these terms is grounds for immediate termination of service for ALL passengers , with NO REFUND .

Does the company provide any car seats or booster for traveling kids ? And how much ?

Our company gladly provide you upon request car seats and boosters for all traveling kids at no extra charge .

What type of vehicles and how many people can fit?

  • Lincoln town cars ( up to 4 passengers )
  • SUVs (up to 6 passengers )
  • Luxury passenger's vans ( up to 14 passengers without luggage or up to 10 passengers with luggage)
  • Stretch limos ( 6 , 8  and 10 passengers )
  • Stretch hummer ( up to 16 Passengers )

What if my question is not answered above?

Please contact us and we will be gladly answer all your questions .
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